Dynamo/Dash League

Code of Ethics
Club Pass Players:
We are modifying the DDL rules and Game-Day procedures to allow for additions of Club Pass players up until Friday, 9am...which is the deadline for finalizing your Game-Day Roster for the upcoming weekend.  Previously, all club pass players had to be added to your club pass pool by Wednesday, 5pm, however with this adjustment, teams have a couple of extra days to determine club pass players if needed.  We hope this grants teams a little more flexibility going into the weekend while also abiding by the Game-Day Roster deadline of Friday, 9am.  The Game Card for an upcoming weekend's game(s) should not be printed prior to 12pm on Friday...that procedure has not changed.    

New Player Additions: 
If you have added a "new" player to your team (i.e. a new player to STYSA who has not been rostered yet for the 2017/2018 seasonal year), you need to let us know ( mikel@stxsoccer.or  or noaht@stxsoccer.org ).  Rosters are frozen, so any new adds we have to manually push through onto your DDL roster AFTER your Association has officially rostered the player. 

Red Cards: 
Over the past 2 weekends, we have had 28 red cards for Violent Conduct (VC).  This has been mainly due to fighting between teams, which is not acceptable by any standard.  Violent Conduct red cards come with a 2-game plus 2-week suspension from all soccer activity (served concurrently).  The STYSA Discipline and Protest Committee may impose additional sanctions. Please reinforce to your players the gravity of red cards for Violent Conduct. 

Spectator Behavior: 
Over the past 2 weekends, but most especially this past weekend, we have had numerous issues with spectator behavior.  These issues includes spectators entering the field of play, fighting with players, fighting with other parents, or heckling the players and/or referees with constant negative comments / threats.   ALL of this behavior is unacceptable to both the Dynamo/Dash League and STYSA and will not be tolerated.   If we receive reports from our referees or site coordinators of incidents like this, DDL will be suspending all spectators from a given team for their next DDL game.  Teams will be notified directly of these suspensions and the Site Coordinator and Referees will ensure the suspension is enforced, otherwise the game in question will be forfeit.   PLEASE  communicate to your parents how seriously we are taking these issues as spectator behavior is one of the most important aspects of creating a safe and positive environment for the players.  You can also distribute the  DDL Code of Ethics , which communicate the standards we expect.