Competitive Program

                          All Competitive teams are trainer based and will play several tournaments per season.


                          Competitive Fee breakdown

                                              U9 - U12  $350.00 Trainer Fees (Per Season)

                                                              $165.00 Registration (Per Season)

                                                              $515.00 (Monthly installments can be made)

                                                              (Uniforms and Tournaments are paid separately)


                                            U13 - U18   $450.00 Trainer Fees (Per Season)

                                                               $175.00 Registration (Per Season)

                                                               $625.00 (Monthly installments can be made)

                                                              (Uniforms and Tournaments will be paid separately)


                                            TOTS(U6-U8) $200.00 Trainer Fees (Per Season) 

                                                               $150.00 Registration (Per Season)

                                                               (Uniforms are paid separately)

                               ****Dynamo League will effect registration price****

The Dynamo Dash League (DDL)


The Dynamo Dash League has two separate areas of costs. The first area is for registration of teams and players. These fees will be paid to Katy Premier Futbol Club through Got Soccer. All players MUST be registered to be eligible to play. All coaches and other team officials MUST be registered and have an up to date Adult Participation Pass (APP or KidSafe) and must agree to a background check each year. The second area of cost to play in Dynamo Dash is Game Day costs. These costs are tied to the number of games the team is scheduled for, and these fees are paid to STYSA.


Dynamo-Dash Player Registration Costs

All teams and all players who play in the Dynamo-Dash League must be registered with their local South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA) Member Association. For Katy Premier Futbol Club teams, that local association is Houston Youth Soccer Association (HYSA). All teams MUST be in good standing with Dynamo/Dash; HYSA; STYSA; and US Youth Soccer Association (USYSA). Which means that a team cannot be under suspension, or owe for registration or penalty fees. The fees charged by KPFC will cover player registration, insurance, administrative costs, and field maintenance costs for KPFC practice fields.


2017-2018 Registration Fees

All ages: $50.00 per player.


Dynamo-Dash Game Day Costs

DDL follows a per game cost, so teams only pay for the number of games they are scheduled for. The cost per game for U11-U14 is $110/game...U15-U19 is $130/game. The target number of games for the U11-U14 seasonal year is 15 games ($1650)...U15-U19 is fall only (UIL soccer in the spring) at 10-12 games ($1560 max).